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Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinner and a Fruit problem..

Spaghetti and meatballs with salad

It's funny when I check my camera and there are pictures of food in it and I go "oh yeah I never blogged about this.." LOL! There goes hubby again putting salad dressing on a salad he is ACTUALLY GOING TO EAT! Okay.. he admitted he doesn't eat a lot of salad (he calls it rabbit food).. and so I tried something different and bought one of those make it yourself salad dressing mixes thing from Kraft since I got tired of my salad dressings spoiling in the fridge because I'm the only one that eats salad around here.. this time I can make it fresh. So I tried out the Good Seasons Salad Dressing & Recipe Mix, Basil Vinaigrette and he ADORED IT! For the spaghetti and meatballs I used prepackaged meatballs that are freezer kept and use whatever I need (just nuke it up and add to the sauce). It's one of my quickest dinners to make (though I do make him get the pot for me since it's the same pot that crowned me back in November...)

Mmmmm... Fruit smoothies

Being upset that the fruit supply has been downright sucky and uber expensive lately I've decided to try something different.. I went down the aisle that had canned pinneapples (though I admit.. chunks is better than crushed for this.. the crushed was more.. I don't know.. fibery? Is that even a word?) and went to the Fruit puree section and got assorted fruit drinks for this. I like the mango/pinneapple the best though I have tried the pinneapple with bananas and strawberry, and pears, etc.. it's not the same thing but I'm trying to add more fruit to my diet.. I can drink this stuff every day of the week.. so maybe this helps.

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